Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I've babbled about the rise of the wealthy and the corporate at great expense of the populous, a number of times. Well here it is again.

Today, myself and a few other folks who care about individual freedom are blacking out our websites in protest of some truly horrific stuff that our corporate overlords have in the pipeline, namely SOPA and PIPA.

Watch the videos, read the commentary, and if you value anything about the internet as it exists today, voice your concern.

[edit: if this is new and/or confusing to you, there's another good article on slashdot.]

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t.m. said...

Did my small bit today...explained to your dad what the Google blackout "art" was about and gave him a link to read about SOPA and PIPA. Didn't exactly tell him what to think about it...but he knows what I think!