Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Curse of O-Eleven

We've had an interesting year. For values of "interesting" that border on comedy-of-errors. And for values of "comedy" that border on "tragedy". We actually started (and stopped, and started again) keeping a list of things as they went awry. I won't bother posting that, but here are a few highlights...

Things that destroyed themselves (or each other, we suspect):
- TV
- Dish receiver (suspected of killing a crappy TV and a beloved DVR)
- Dryer
- Refrigerator
- Car (ruled a sudden suicide - melted its own engine)

Things that simply broke:
- Kim's tooth
- Kim's elbow and wrists (not "simply"; there was a spectacular fall)
- Bathroom light bulb (also not simple, burned Kim's fingers first)
- Neighborhood sprinkler control system
- UPS (details here)
- Internet access (including several entire weekends)

Things found in unusual, fun places:
- Detergent: entire bottle's worth, laundry room floor
- Orange pop: half can's worth, Kim's purse
- Wasps: old car's mirror

This year also marked a number of "firsts":
- Kim turned 30 (plans to do this many times)
- Owen published his first phone/tablet apps
- Owen made his first pony tail (Kim's hair, see her broken arm above...)
- We bought (instead of received for free) a television
- We now have the first "nice" car either of us has had

Plenty of other stuff happened this year, which we either can't think, of or refuse to speak of ever again. But from this point on, anything that goes wrong can no longer be blamed on the Curse of O-Eleven. We'll have to blame it on the upcoming end-of-the-world instead. ;^)

Happy 2012!