Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Late Late Thirties

So, the last of the thirties is upon me.  In hex, that's "27".  In binary, no new bits are needed, so really by all accounts except for base-10, there's nothing scary going on numerically.  Anyway, here's a brief post to celebrate that another trip around the sun has gone by and I'm still here.

Firstly, a dad joke.  I'm not a dad, unless cats count, but still.  I'm middle-aged and appreciate cheesy humor.
My family got together recently and celebrated a bunch of fall birthdays.  I made the amateur mistake of giving others gifts I myself wanted to receive -- I didn't bring anything.
(That's an entirely true story, but I still want to sincerely thank my various relatives!)

Secondly, something the aforementioned cats gave me today.  I saw a magic trick!

I was feisting with Autumn using a flyswatter (we buy them actual cat toys; it's not our fault they prefer mundane objects and trash) and she ran around the corner.  Immediately she came back around and pounced the flyswatter again, except she had magically turned into Book!  I had to do a double-take and everything, it was pretty spectacular.

Magic trick not pictured, since I didn't know it was coming.

These two mostly get along now, but for a good while there was no chance whatsoever that one of them could magically turn into the other without at least a big hiss giving it away.  Little Autumn's big temper has come a long way, and her bigger-but-younger brother is comfortable enough to do silly things like this now.

Life around here is pretty nice.  One could drive himself crazy thinking about politics or even his own age, but taking it easy and maybe having a nice drink later seems like a much better plan.