Monday, January 29, 2007

Token Microsoft Rip

I'm feeling sick today, which has several direct consequences. Firstly, I bet I'm wicked-good at Tetris. Haven't tested that, but generally the worse I feel, the more mad spatial skills I possess. Secondly, and more to the point, my brain scatters when I try to convey a message. It logically follows that this is a perfect time for a blog post. :^)

I was complaining to a friend that a link he sent wouldn't work for me, on either my workstation (GNU/Linux) or my other test box (Mac OSX-point-something). I conjectured that the site authors assume a homogenous world comprised only of those who have drunk the Microsoft kool-aid. Rather than to stay on-topic, I was compelled to rant thusly:

The Windows keys were just the first step, you know. "Vista" keyboards will have no letters, but instead, pictures of various barnyard animals. When the user presses one, a soothing Microsoftie voice will say, "The cow goes, 'Moo'!" And then the system will reboot.

I had gone almost two days without teasing Microsoft about their depressingly shitty software, and maybe it's just my illness-ridden state of mind that leads me to find it amusing, but the idea of a barnyard-noises keyboard to compliment the shiny-jingling-keys UI was too delicious not to share. ...You know, with ...all two of you who will read this.

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Chris said...

Some others do read this, ahh well that is considering I am not one of the two :)