Saturday, April 12, 2008

Italy, day 6

Thursday, 10 April. Last day of my conference, which had a lot of interesting stuff crammed into it but just wasn't as compelling as the whole of Firenze itself...

Again, Kim was the chief photographer on Thursday. I can get shots of geeks talking about technology anywhere, but nowhere else could Kim have visited the church of Santa Maria Novella. For being not exactly huge fans of organized religion, we've sure found the churches here fascinating.

The church exterior:

The fleur de thing! ...Or, whatever it's called here.

The entrance:

...And the exit:

No photography allowed inside, unfortunately. That came up several times as we've been here, sometimes to my annoyance. Then again, mobs of tourists all flashing our little cameras doesn't exactly add to the dignity or atmosphere of these old treasures.

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