Friday, February 13, 2009

Good News

There aren't enough positive news stories these days. It's all "tumbling economy" this and "damn politicians" that. Well today I feel good. And in true journalistic oversimplifying form, I'll tell you why in three bullet points.
  • Messaging Architects: To quote another fat balding madman: "I love this companyyyy!"
  • Bratwurst Friday: Everyone, from my coworkers to the folks up at Colosimo's Sausage to the fictional Hank Hill, has to crack a little smile at our little tradition.
  • Beer: Rand brews a lot of really good stuff, and the double IPA I had today was no exception. I'd go so far as to say this is the bulleted list item that had the greatest effect on my happy mood right now, though the others are surprisingly close runners-up.
No real personal news today, and I haven't thought of any clever commentary, nor have I made any big breakthroughs with my pet projects, and I'm not angry enough at anything to write something funny and/or interesting. But with a belly full of bratwurst and beer, I feel the need to spread some good will and a message of relaxed "ahh"-ness. At this time slice in the great mass of pointless information, what's this one little message going to hurt anyhow?

Friends, family, countrymen: don't forget the little stuff. ...And never underestimate the positive psychological effects of good cheese.

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Unknown said...

looks like you gave up on bloggin?

I'm the same way.. I need to keep my blog more up to date