Sunday, November 13, 2011


Since before I can remember, all through school and well beyond, my notebooks and whiteboards and every hotel memo pad I have ever encountered has gotten filled with scribbled creatures. In elementary school, Kris and I filled a notebook with aliens whose names all end in "ork". The closest thing to a "party trick" I know is to have somebody scribble some random lines, and I'll make a drawing out of them. Nearly every time, it turns out to be some sort of weird-but-cute, possibly human-esque, creature.

Nintendo has just released a $7 toy (as a download for the 3DS) which not only encourages me to create all the critters I can dream of, it brings them to life.

Non-creative types don't get it at all, and perhaps the only audience for this kind of thing is a sufficiently weird person like myself, but I don't care how many peers I have; this thing is pure magic.

All the critters that make their way out of my brain and onto the screen spring to life and are at my command. They walk, swim, fly, and drive around a world inhabited by other stuff I've drawn, collecting gems for Ork or making deliveries for the Shmoe. Collectibles, secret blocks and hidden treasure chests are everywhere, often revealing yet more stuff to draw and customize as they're found.

I've been known to animate a handful of my drawings. Some have even found their way onto the web. But now, anything and everything I can scribble can be automatically animated and made interactive. I still want to tell stories and do some old-fashioned animation, but the bang for the buck here is unreal.

Thanks, Nintendo, 'cause releasing a new Super Mario, a new Zelda, and a new Mario Kart all within a month here apparently wasn't getting you quite enough of my money. ;^)


Chris said...

Hey, nice drawing! I might consider downloading it...once I get some money into my eShop account.
I thought it was a copy of that Scribblenauts game but it looks interesting with all the features it has and the things you can do in the game.

Penduin said...

Yeah, Scribblenauts is good too but entirely different. Both include weird, touch-controlled platforming, but Freakyforms is all about creating and goofing around rather than inventive puzzle solving.

If you think of Freakyforms as a platformer (as IGN did) it would seem a bit lame. If you think of it as an anything-goes creative outlet, then it's a dream come true.

Chris said...

Alright, I'll consider getting the game once I get the $20 card for the eShop.
Oh btw, did you enter my 3DS FC? I've entered yours, but it's still pending...