Monday, May 19, 2014

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life


I was a bit bummed about my old server dying when it happened, but it has quickly gone from sad to funny.  In preparing to take that machine (and a bunch of other old stuff) to a nearby electronics recycling event, I removed its hard disks and a few other parts.  During its autopsy, onslow reminded me about its storied history and gave me a few farewell chuckles.

  • Huge case, no room at all inside it.  Crunchy SCSI cables everywhere.
  • Nothing I removed had an even number of screws holding it in place.
  • Of the odd number of screws I removed, none matched each other.
  • The rear fan had a big chunk smashed off of its outer brace.
  • The rear fan was twisty-tied to vent holes in the case.
  • The CPU fan was not a CPU fan.
  • The CPU fan was twisty-tied to cables that sort of ran by the CPUs.
  • Three CD drives (including a caddy loader) were installed.
  • Only one CD drive remained attached to the power supply.

Finally, the unused drive bay which served as onslow's name plate had damaged clips.  It was held in place by duct tape.

1 comment:

t.m. said...

Very nice farewell description...and you saved the best (duct tape) for last. Goodbye, served well.