Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Sure, we live in an upside-down surreal hellscape.  We inhabit the darkest and dumbest timeline, where my collection of H. P. Lovecraft stories has been rendered unreadable since they describe such idyllic worlds.  In this so-called reality, even the most gruesome and psychologically-scarring Halloween celebrations are nowhere near as frightening as reading the news.

...But I'll be damned if I'm not going to craft decorations and carve jack-o-lanterns!  These are joyous moments, not to be surrendered!  We will not cede agency over the spooky and/or cute stuff that surrounds our tiny corner of this planet.

Tonight, we fight to reclaim fiction.  Our myths, our ghost stories, our haunted houses deserve better than to be novel distractions from a heartless dominion.
On November 6th, we fight to reclaim non-fiction.  Our streets, our states, our nation deserve better than to be further befouled by power-hungry and hate-fueled madmen.

Happy Halloween, may it bring you glimpses of a more idyllic world, and may we claw our way there together.

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t.m. said...

Wow...that was so well put! Thanks. And thanks for sharing the pumpkin carvings. Sorry we didn't see them in time for today's message...tune in tomorrow!