Monday, March 09, 2020


Chunky Milk Productions.  Two goofs who met in college and made silly videos for the campus variety show.  These two goofs:

They, these decades later (with help from a couple more goofs) made a very silly short movie indeed.  This movie:

It screened locally, and then, these months later (along with 150+ other amazing shorts) screened here:

So...  Yeah I'm still more or less at a loss for words about that.  We got to meet and chat with Mark Ruppert, who began and runs the 48 Hour Film Project.  We got to gather in Rotterdam's gorgeous city hall and hear from an official whose title I can't remember.  Best of all we got to see a whole lot of super-creative movies.  In fact I think I'll just fill out the rest of this post with some highlights.

Book Clubbing:

Dates Camp:

Le Vynelle:

Everything Rises:


One Last Game:

The Coup:

Everything at the festival is well worth looking up, but of the screenings I made it to, these are a handful of my favorites. 

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t.m. said...

What amazing experiences! It will be fun to see the films you recommended as well as to review The Chair maybe a dozen or so more times. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary film project production and the ensuing adventures! Bravo!